Hello everyone,

I know I been gone and not been doing the requests. I’m starting a new website! This one will still be up but after a while, it will be shut down. Will give info on my new website soon….

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Big Update!!!

I’ve finally decided that I might add some Mw3 skins for CSS as well. I’m not so sure when but hopefully soon. As soon as possible.

Also, I’m making another site where you guys can upload your own skins, maps, gui, and other stuff for Counter Strike. Now, this site will only allow Counter Strike games skins and stuff like that only. So you can’t just upload one for BF3. I will automatically delete it. It’s also not gonna be like Gamebanana where they allow a lot of skins.

Thank you for staying tunes to this Big Update!

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Sorry For Not Getting To Requested Guns

I’m sorry for not getting to the guns you guys been requesting. I will try to see if I can make a calender on a new page so you guys can see when I’m not available. My life’s hard and I can’t really talk about it. But anyways, sorry.

Requested Guns While I was Unavailable:

Fernando Bucker: Mw3 MSR

Thats all I can find so far.

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W_Models are Back!

I’ve figured out on how to put World Models into CSS Steampipe. Just go into the How To Install page to check it out!

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No More World Models

World Models has been restricted in the new Steampipe CSS. If you know how to put w_models in the new Steampipe, please notify me. Thank you.

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New Feature Added!

We’ve added the Feature of where you can request a skin and if you are lucky, you can be in the next Featured Video of CSSMW2 Requested.

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Sorry for not getting requested guns

I’m sorry guys for not giving you guys the guns you requested. I got back with my computer so lets get to it.

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