How To Install

Alright now, most of you guys keep on asking on how to do this and that. Well, this page will show you how to install the skins you’ve chosen and add w_models AFTER the STEAMPIPE update.


1. Download all the skins of your choice.

2. Open your CSS Steampipe folder.

3. Go into the cstrike folder and then the custom folder.

4. Make a new folder and call it whatever you want.

5. Add the skins into that folder.

6. Go back and go into the CFG folder.

Must Download:


7. The file you’ve just downloaded is called pure_server_minimal.txt. Delete the one in the CFG folder and move the downloaded one in the folder.

*You cannot move and replace or problems can occur.

8. Enjoy your skins!

If you kind of had trouble or don’t wanna read all the instructions, watch the provided video!

Thank you guys and please subscribe to newbielol123. That’s me on Youtube. Would be most appreciated!


1 Response to How To Install

  1. Regz says:

    I think it would be a lot easier if you specified which folders they belong to so just incase you don’t damage the files like in some versions I now or get confused where to put the downloads since the one on the “Downloads” page has the same texture names (mw2_xplor3r)

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