Glock 18

By: DMG, Kilburn786, IW


Usp. 45

By: eXe., Kilburn786, IW



By: eXe., Kilburn786, IW



By: eXe., Kilburn786, IW


Akimbo M9

By: Jennifer!, kilburn786, IW



By: eXe., kilburn786, IW




By: IIopn, kilburn786, IW



By: Strykerwolf, kilburn786, IW



???                  Uzi

By: eXe., kilburn786, IW



By: eXe., kilburn786, IW, Expert, Logger



By: eXe., Pecks, kilburn786, IW


Ump 45

By: ManTuna, Soldier11, kilburn786, IW



By: ImBrokeRU, THE COUNTER, kilburn786, IW



???                 Famas

By: eXe, kilburn786, IW



By: eXe., kilburn786, IW



By: ZeeJ, kilburn786, FxDarkLoki, IW



By: ImBrokeRU, kilburn786, Soldier11, IW



By: eXe., kilburn786, IW, Kiyoshi



By: ImBrokeRU, kilburn786, IW



By: Soldier11, Scrabler, IW


Barrett 50 Cal.

By: THE COUNTER, kilburn786, IW, FxDarkLoki






By: ImBrokeRU, THE COUNTER, kilburn786, IW, FxDarkLoki, Soldier11




By: IIopn, kilburn786, IW




By: Little Soap, kilburn786, IW




CT & T Players




Weapon Icons and GUI Scripts



Most Credits to:

xplor3r= World Models

kilburn786= Compile

newbielol123= Making This Site

IW= Modeling, textures, sounds

eXe.= Animations

ImBrokeRU= Animations

Thank you for visiting!!!

Please share this site to everyone!!!


52 Responses to Downloads

  1. tasza says:

    thank you very much thank you thank you.

  2. PewDiePie says:

    Why the Counter Strike Source+Mw2 Skins can’t download? Mediafire said: File Blocked for Violation.

  3. Whyers44 says:

    yes yes yes yes, ahhhhh!!!!!

  4. Yash says:

    hey thnx, i was searching only for these kinds of weapons.thnx very much.

  5. Ryo Clonex says:

    this site is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was searching for mw2 skins with W model and buy pics!!
    the great site for downloading mw2 skins for css!!!!!

  6. Jonathan says:

    Thank you so much 😀 i love u :)) HAHHA

  7. FapOut91 says:

    can you make counter strike source+mw2 skins not torrent?

  8. zizou says:

    don’t work for me 😦

  9. OMar says:

    Verry Cool thanx

  10. Regz says:

    can anyone make an m16a4 for m4a1 with w_models if you please???

  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for all of this, these models are great. This is awesome.

    I have a request, if it’s not too much to ask. I’d like to be able to use the F2000 (no attachments), over the AK47. Of course, if it’s a bother, disregard this – I appreciate all of the work done here and wouldn’t want to bug you with something you don’t want to do.

  12. Map css mw2nya gak ada gan?

  13. Jus says:

    do you also make maps??

  14. Kevin Alushi says:

    guys pls help,in which folder i have to put the downloads?pls help 😦

    • Regz says:

      if you mean the archive anywhere but the files in the archive go to designated folders where their names are different (example: materials- models- weapons- v_models/w_models)
      do the same on other files

  15. Anonymous says:

    can anyone make a thermal scope (sprites NOT for one weapon only)please ????
    if you did just e-mail me the link please

  16. very cooooooool…….. thank you so much……….

  17. What counter strike source mw2 servers?

  18. Regz says:

    can anyone make a ghillie suit with choose able colors (blue-water, green-forest, brown-desert, black-urban, white-snow) please???

    if you make this just disregard all my other requests

  19. Regz says:

    I have a question not a request

    Why is the M14 for the g3sg1 which is a ct weapon based on real life? Why not Dragunov for it as it is common among terrorist sniper in MW2 or perhaps even in reality?

    • newbielol123 says:

      I don’t make the guns. I just give fixes here and there. Look at the About page to learn more.

      • Regz says:

        ok so it’s the rest who made these guns
        ahhh so you just fix a this and that

        I just thought of asking because it’s surprising to see a CT weapon on the Terrorists

  20. Regz says:

    Hey guys I got a suggestion

    why don’t you also make weapons from CoD4MW and Mw3 to this site a lot more interesting and more weapons to chose from and which weapon they are going to replace???

  21. Regz says:

    Hey Guys do you also make maps??

  22. jimmy says:

    nice gun skins but try to compile more I knows its hard to do one

  23. Reks says:

    I love this and thank you for making this, I just wish that there were pictures for the CT and T reskins just so i can see what i am getting. Thanks

  24. Umn,do you have a weapon pack?

  25. Anonymous says:

    where to download as a single pack?

  26. theo says:

    can you remove the sleeve ? that sleeve so ugly . . . thanks before for all this , this blog is awesome !!

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    Но моды класс!!!

  29. KeePeR says:

    Hey!Newbie answer me pls!I have the bomb model!PLS ANSWER IF U DON’T FORGOT UR SITE 😀

  30. Sasha1224 says:

    can you make mp5k without you hands and with camouflages

  31. Sasha1224 says:

    i think you need fix the beretta for p228

  32. Dong says:

    Hello, you post interesting articles on your blog,
    you deserve much more visitors, just type in google for – augo’s tube traffic

  33. Anonymous says:

    hey can u plz take of the silencer and the heart beat sensor from the mk14 ?? plz replay i need it so mush thanks

  34. Anonymous says:

    why some of the weapons have darker sides every time its on the ground?

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