Big Update!!!

I’ve finally decided that I might add some Mw3 skins for CSS as well. I’m not so sure when but hopefully soon. As soon as possible.

Also, I’m making another site where you guys can upload your own skins, maps, gui, and other stuff for Counter Strike. Now, this site will only allow Counter Strike games skins and stuff like that only. So you can’t just upload one for BF3. I will automatically delete it. It’s also not gonna be like Gamebanana where they allow a lot of skins.

Thank you for staying tunes to this Big Update!


About newbielol123

I love helping others. Yes, I know that I might be just a 11 year old kid but you never know what they can do. Weird isn't it.
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2 Responses to Big Update!!!

  1. Regz says:

    is it going to be on this site or another??

  2. Regz says:

    what’s the website??

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